Freebie: Only Works Once (NSFW)

Title: Only Works Once

Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 2307

Kyle found flight school to be pathetically easy. First off, there was only one test that you had to pass, and it was after you’d gone through the rigamarole for an entire year. For that whole year you could fuck around, study, or do a little of both.

He would have liked to fuck around, but he did want to pilot someday so he had to stick to doing both.

In order to liven things up, Kyle started fucking his classmates. The boys, first, the obviously gay ones. Then the girls, and at long last he worked his way to the “straight” boys– the ones who swore a little too hard that they were sixteen kinds of straight and never let you get a word in edgewise.

“I’m not saying that sucking cock makes you gay,” Kyle said easily, shrugging. The tequila rose that he’d had put just enough of a buzz on that he felt good, loose, happy, no matter whether William was going to actually spread his legs this time. “I mean, maybe you just like breath play, you know? And you’d like it just because of that part.”

William’s eyebrows furrowed. “I’m pretty damned sure sucking cock makes you gay,” he muttered, looking to the side instead of Kyle sprawled out in all his half-drunk elegance.

“What about having yours sucked, then?” Kyle sat up, leaning toward William. “A mouth’s a mouth, right? Just close your eyes and imagine something different. I bet you you’ll even come.”

“I would never,” William said, voice a low growl that sent a little thrill of excitement up Kyle’s spine.

“Prove it,” Kyle said, already sliding to his knees, crawling the scant distance over and kneeling between William’s legs. He knew how to look up from beneath his eyelashes, toss his head a little like a girl would, and lick his lips to best effect. “Let me suck your cock, and if you don’t come, I’ll never hit on you again.”

William must have been drunk, too, because he agreed. Kyle didn’t speak another word, hands already finding the snap and fly on William’s uniform slacks, like opening up a present on New Year’s.

And what a gift this one was– Kyle had figured on a big cock, but William was. Well. William was big enough that Kyle wanted to drop this bet and skip to the part where he had that massive cock inside of him. “Jesus. What do they feed you in Arkansas to make it get that big?”

For a not-surprise, William had the decency to blush. “Vegtables. Get on with it, man.”

Obviously Kyle’s gender had no effect on William’s arousal; he was hard before Kyle even touched him, and grew harder still when Kyle leaned down and licked a stripe from base to glans and back down again. He felt William’s stomach quiver, but Will didn’t make a sound, which was kind of admirable.

Wonder what it takes to make him moan, Kyle thought, and closed his lips around the glans. He flicked his tongue back and forth, like it was a clit, relishing the firm-but-soft feel and the distinct taste of cock. God, always so much better than girls, and Kyle didn’t even know why but it really was.

He couldn’t go more than a third of the way down– Kyle was smal, short and– just short and small and he had a small mouth but he tried his goddamnedest and it wasn’t long before William made a little whimpery noise in the back of his throat.

Oh, god, yes.

He used both his hands, kept them slick with saliva and moving on William’s cock, cupping his balls, down and back and up and when Kyle touched that spot behind William’s balls, William’s entire body jerked and he really did moan.

Kyle grinned around his mouthful of cock. So that was what it took.

To William’s credit, it did take him an uncommonly long time to come. Kyle’s jaw had developed an ache ten minutes ago and he was reduced to licking and sucking only briefly, slurping and just. Jacking him off. Jacking off William’s massive fucking cock until William blew a massive fucking load all over Kyle’s face.

It was hot and salty and made Kyle want to– do stupid things. Like kiss Will, who would probably freak out.

Instead, Kyle reached up and cleaned off his face, bringing his fingers to his lips to clean them and then back for more, then using his shirt tail to wipe away the rest. William just sat there watching, eyes lidded, deliciously helpless.

“So, care to make another bet?” Kyle asked, and leered a little. “Because I’d love for you to fuck me– your cock is gorgeous.”

Possibly a little too gay for William, because now he freaked, pulled up his pants and in short order Kyle was alone in his dorm room once more.

No matter– he’d catch Willy sometime later, when William had had enough time to quit being afraid of the idea and start wanting it instead.

“I can’t,” William said, for the twentieth time. Twenty whole times Kyle had asked him to hang out, over the last two months, and twenty whole times he’d been turned down. Even if William was hesitating now, Kyle needed– and suddenly he knew how to get Willy to hang out again.

“Hang out with me or I’ll tell,” he said, keeping his voice low in case other people at the sim-center were eavesdropping.

William’s eyes went wide– maybe he’d been afraid of this all along– and he took a step back. “You wouldn’t–”

“I wouldn’t?” Kyle drawled, grinning because blackmail was even more fun than fucking with straight boys’ perceptions of their own sexuality. “Why wouldn’t I? I certainly don’t care if anyone knows that I fucked you. You’re the only one with a problem in that regard.”

“But–” William cut off, looking down, biting his lip and god wasn’t that beautiful, fit and trim and blushing like a schoolgirl. “When?”

“Tonight.” Kyle smiled, nasty as hell.

“You can cancel your plans, right? I’m more important than they are.”

He could see it, the way William’s anger boiled up– his face was so wonderfully expressive– and he could see when William succeeded in making it simmer back down again, too. “Okay. Your dorm?”

“No. Yours, six o’clock.” That ought to make him superbly uncomfortable– Kyle was looking forward to it even more, now, and couldn’t help feeling like he was the hottest shit in the entire fucking school as he walked– strutted– out of the student center and to his last class of the day.

Kyle showed up at precisely six, with lubricant, a bottle of wine, and a corkscrew. He leaned leisurely on the doorway when William answered, just smirking because god wasn’t victory sweet? It was, it truly was.

“You going to just stand there and gloat, or are we going to do this?” William muttered, looking to the side. Always looking to the side.

“Hey,” Kyle said, taking a step into the room. The door sshht‘d closed behind him. “Look at me, yeah? Don’t look at the fucking wall, the wall isn’t doing shit to you; I am.”

That got William’s attention. Those pretty brown eyes snapped up, and William’s shoulders went back a little as he inhaled deeply and then let it out slow. Calming himself down. “Yeah. Okay.” He turned, walking over to the bed, stripping his clothes off on the way.

“I don’t even have to get you drunk first?” Kyle asked, mostly teasing, and set the bottle down. He keyed in a lock sequence to the door– he had no desire to get interrupted– and followed William’s suit, taking off his jacket and his overshirt and his undershirt and his slacks and finally his briefs.

Just like before, William didn’t wear any underwear. Probably nothing that could handle the size of his– “What do I have to do?”

“Don’t sound so fucking excited about it,” Kyle said, sarcasm dripping off his tone, and rolled his eyes. “You and that fabulous cock are going to fuck me stupid.”

“Too late for that,” William muttered, sighed, and reached down to take his cock in hand. He was at least proportional– his hands were huge, too.

Meanwhile Kyle was practically squirming imagining what those fingers would feel like inside of him. “Be that as it may, you’re going to give it your best. Aren’t you?”

This time William rolled his eyes. “Yes, yes, already, yes, I’m going to do whatever the fuck you tell me to.”

Good. Kyle nodded and sat on the bed, then rolled over and rose up onto his hands and knees. He gave William a look over his shoulder. “Lubricant’s over by the wine. You know how this part goes, right? I assume you’ve fucked a girl in the ass before.”

William colored beautifully at that, flushing to match the color his cock was rapidly becoming as it hardened. He said nothing, grabbing the lubricant and dribbling some between the cheeks of Kyle’s ass, then on his fingers as well.

Kyle’s heart beat in his throat at the sight of William starting thoughtfully down at his lube-covered fingers. At those eyes looking into his for a moment before his attention focused elsewhere and one impossibly long finger pushed inside of him. Kyle moaned, head hanging and fingers digging into the cheap dormitory bedding. “God, yes. More of that.”

Silently, William obeyed. Kyle would say this about him: gay or straight, he finger-fucked like a pro.

Better than a pro, with the length of his fingers and the way two felt so– so good– twisting in a way that made Kyle gasp and shake and bury his face in the blankets. God, he wanted more, but with the size of William’s cock, if he wasn’t properly ready… oh, God, more.

“Please,” he gasped, pushing back against William’s fingers, whimpering low in his throat.

“So you do know how to be polite,” William said, like it was the funniest thing in the world.

But Kyle didn’t care, because he added a third finger and ye gods it burned good, the strech, making himself relax, pushing back against the shallow but steady thrusts that William gave as he started to curl his fingers.

“Yes, yes, yes–” Kyle cut off into a moan, toes curling, eyes screwed shut tight as William did it just right, just right, so close–

And then pulled out all at once, leaving Kyle hanging in the air over the canyon, then falling down into it, breath pushing out of him, oh, oh, as the waves of pleasure ebbed but didn’t flow and goddamn goddamn goddamn. “Damn you.”

“Just doing what you told me to,” William replied, sing-song, and Kyle abruptly felt the wide head of a cock pressing between his buttocks.

Yes. He pushed back against it, or tried, but William’s fingers dug into his hip and William hissed a little as just the glans went in anyway. Moremoremore was all Kyle could think, and William was pushing in anyway, slow and easy and slow and so slow.

“Please,” Kyle whispered shakily, lifting his face from the blankets to make sure he was heard.

William pushed the rest of the way in all at once. Slow slow and then fastfast, deep and the feeling of William curling in behind Kyle, leaning over him, reaching around to tweak his nipples just a little too hard. Kyle whimpered, squirming to get away, but the only place to go was back and back, deeper onto Will’s cock.

“I–” Kyle started, and William did it again, pinched again, so Kyle cut off into a ragged moan. “Please.”

For a wonder, William obeyed. Pulled back, pushed in, and fucked Kyle. Nice, steady pace too, not too fast or too slow, just good enough to really feel it, and making sure he went all the way in, all the way before he pulled out again.

Kyle had been close before and now he, now he– couldn’t last, refused to, and came unreasonably fast, groaning loudly as his toes curled and his head went back and he made a wonderful mess all over William’s sheets.

“Jesus. You really wanted to be fucked, didn’t you?” William said once Kyle was laying on the bed, just panting and panting. Shaking. Throbbing. Nodding, because he had. He’d needed to be fucked, like a physical thing, a yearning like back when he was in highschool and–

Oh, fuck. Kyle groaned, putting his arm over his eyes. Thank god William didn’t say anything else, didn’t make a sound other than cleaning himself up and probably being glad that was all it had taken. After not very long– not long enough for his breathing to even out– he felt the pressure of William on the bed again, and then the smooth coolness of the bottle of wine.

“Still want to get drunk?” William asked, a note of– something– in his voice.

Did he ever. Kyle heaved a great sigh and shook his head. “No. I– I have to get back to my dorm.” And think about what an idiot I am.

“It only works once, you know,” William said as Kyle shakily got dressed.

“What?” he asked, without thinking.

“Blackmail. Next time you want me to fuck you, you’d better goddamn beg for it.”

Kyle just stared. Was he really that obvious? He could feel the blush even once he’d reached his own dorm, where he undressed again and crawled under the covers to think about what an idiot he was.

Beg. Like hell! Next time–

No. There’d be no next time. Ever. He was going to stop this before it started, stop it before he got hurt again. That was all there was to it.

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