Freebie: Low-maintenance

Title: Low-maintenance

Rating: Explicit

Wordcount: 674

Jared said at one point that he would do anything to keep Cy happy. It wasn’t hard, normally; she was pretty low-maintenance and it was easy to be a good boyfriend. But every so often she’d come up with some random-ass request and he’d end up naked in her bed with his best friend while she sat in a chair off to the side and watched.
“I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Jared shivered at the feel of Ross’s fingertips over his nipples. It felt nothing like Cynthia’s touch. For one, it was slightly unsure, and for another Ross had calluses from guitar-playing. The sensation reminded him of the band they’d tried to start in highschool, and the way Ross’s fingers had been even more callused back then.

Not that it felt bad. Just weird.

Ross’s smile was different, too, all gap-toothed from a mishap in his free-running and full of silliness. “I’m not complaining.”

They’d done this before Jared had started dating Cynthia; they’d explored each other’s bodies before. Kissed, slow and easy. He’d made the mistake of telling Cy about it, when they were at a bar drinking, and so she had wanted to see, wanted… the feeling of Ross pulling down Jared’s shorts, little jerks, and then the way he breathed on Jared’s erection. Without meaning to, he arched and whimpered.

“Shall I continue?” Ross aimed the question at Cy.

Jared looked to the side and saw her, skirt hiked up, hand inside her orange panties. Flushed: she liked this. “Yeah. Make him come.”

Oh, God. She didn’t even know… that was as far as Jared’s thoughts got before Ross’s mouth closed over his erection and he couldn’t think any more. Cy was good at blow jobs–people with oral fixations tended to be–but Ross was less experienced.

Not that that made it bad— maybe just the opposite. Maybe a little better, with Ross’s teeth scraping ever so lightly. Maybe…

“Play with his balls,” Cy ordered, voice firm in a way that went straight to the pleasure center in Jared’s brain. He’d follow that tone to the ends of the Earth. “He likes it when I do that.”

Ross obeyed, of course, and knew about the spot behind Jared’s balls, and that place was where he rubbed. Jared’s mouth fell open in a strangled moan and his entire body jerked, cock throbbing. The feeling of Ross’s tongue licking a wet stripe up the length of his cock was almost too much; he shook and moaned again, grasping helplessly at the sheets.

That was the rule: he couldn’t touch Ross. Just Ross touching him. Just Ross doing what Cynthia said.

“Jesus!” Jared hissed out the word as Ross gave his best shot at deep-throating. The feeling of hitting the back of his throat, of the gagging, of just, hot mouth and Jared couldn’t stop arching, couldn’t stop whimpering and wanting.

“Yeah.” Cy’s voice was up high, where it got when she was getting close to coming. “Keep going, Ross. Make him come, and, and snowball him.”

Jared was pretty sure that the idea of Ross kissing him with a mouth full of spunk was what made him come. That was what he told himself later, anyway. For now his mind was pleasantly blank, pleasure overload as he came into Ross’s mouth.

The kiss was delicious. Jared arched up against Ross, hands wanting to touch so badly, wanting more.

Cynthia whimpered and Jared broke the kiss to look at her. To watch the insides of her thighs twitch and her fingers press down and down as she rode out the orgasm, head back and eyes shut.


Ross pinched one of Jared’s nipples, pulling a soft, protesting sound out of him. “That all you need me for?”

Cynthia licked her lips, eyes half-open and head loose on her shoulders as she nodded. God, but she was gorgeous, forehead all sweaty and little brown curls clinging to it. “Yeah. We’ll do it again, okay? Sometime.”

“Anytime,” Ross said, with feeling and a leer for Jared.

Author’s Note: It’s been a year and a half since I wrote this, and I still want to write more about these three, just so I can figure out their story. Is there any way for them to settle into a triad type relationship? Does Ross even like women? Would Cy get jealous? Why haven’t they tried a triad already–is there some issue stopping them?

Ah, so many questions.


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