Inspiration: Arch

This week’s keyword is thanks to Penny K. Moss. She suggested arches, and I figured I’d get a better turnout from the singular, so here we go: arch, as seen on Flickr.

“Arch Rock, Point Reyes National Seashore”

This one is just a wonderful shot and puts me in the mind of campers/hikers waking up and getting water and coming across this beautiful scene. Makes me want to write outdoor sex!

“Blood under the esplanade”

Despite the fact that this picture is taken during the day, it has an oppressive feel to it and the lighting is just… nngh! So awesome. And someone just made a quick getaway there, by the ripples on the water. What were they running from? Were they running at all? Did they notice the frightening beauty inherent in the bridges, or is it an everyday sight for them? Will they be back? By choice or by force?

“No rush today”

I like this picture because this is one of those places where you normally see lots and lots of people, and yet the picture is virtually barren of them. It makes me wonder what’s kept them away? The notations on the photo say that the platform is closed, but then, what happens when it gets closed for a long time? How long before plants begin to grow between the tracks; how long before all of that nice, flat floor becomes crumbled?

I guess I just like reminders that life is fleeting, and even great creations like this station can be trumped by nature.

“A medieval appearance of the Predjama Castle in Slovenia”

When I saw this picture the first thing I thought was, “The mountain grew a castle!” and then I thought, woah, what if the mountains could grow things? What if nature was able to construct things and still be alive? What if human and nature were intertwined in this process, working together to create something in a way that isn’t wasteful? And doesn’t pit humans against nature. It would be an interesting world to live in!

“Framed Sunset”

This picture is not only breathtaking, but it presents to me a sort of interesting ideal: nature as a cathedral. A natural cathedral. How would one worship, in this religion? What would the characteristics of the higher power–or powers–be? It makes me want to try and translate Christian-esque ideals onto the natural world… or the opposite! How would Darwinism work as a religion? So many questions!

“The Dungeon”

When I was spamming Penny with photos from her wonderful keyword last night, Penny said something on the lines of “I can hear the screams echoing off the walls in this one” and it’s so true. It’s amazing to me every time how areas that are so large–and so obviously large, too, even without things to properly scale the photo, you can tell that it’s big–can be so horribly oppressive.

If this picture doesn’t inspire you to think of all of the horrible things that your characters go through, I’m not sure what will!

“Gentle Giant”

As someone who owns and loves Asian ball-jointed dolls, this picture has a special place in my heart! ItÅ› both heartwarming and creepy. On one hand, the doll/puppet’s expression is warm and caring. On the other hand, it’s a giant fucking doll and the little girl looks a mite bit uncomfortable.

But what if that were the world? Giant dolls/puppets who run things! And are benevolent at times and awful at other times. It’d be neat to have a world where humans are not the biggest thing around, and know it, and yet are not enslaved by this other race. Most of the time. Sort of like animals are for us! They live in the wild or they’re domesticated, or some mix like the kind of animals who live in cities because there’s food there.

Domesticated humans… what a fun idea :D

And on that note, I think that’s my seven for the week. See y’all again next Monday!


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