Inspiration: Random

Today’s inspiration post is random! I did not find any of these pictures with one search string, but rather through looking through people’s galleries and stuff whilst trying to find things to post on my Tumblr.

This photo makes me think back to the first couple seasons of Supernatural, where the show was very much focused on Monsters of the Week. What kind of monster is being summoned in this house? Why are those windows on the upper left dark when all the rest are red? … How did this photographer get a shot like this anyway?

I have always wondered what it would be like to live in one of those touristy locations, where a large portion of the people you meet in day-to-day life do not actually live there. Without a doubt it would get annoying, but it might be something that could be taken advantage of for anonymous sex or transient romance, too. So, yes, that is what this picture makes me think of: temporary love.

Kayaking is one of my favorite things to do, so I look at this picture and think, oh, what fun this stream would be! One of the best things I love about kayaking is that it’s so quiet, and this picture has a certain quiet stillness to it as well, like it has been forgotten by time. Makes me think about things like Sleeping Beauty, where time passes selectively within a certain area: people are frozen but the plants grow, and people outside of the scene age, but the people are caught in a bubble.

The title of this image is “Gold Dust Woman” and it was posted with the lyrics to that song. I’ve always loved that song, but today these lyrics struck me particularly strongly:

Did she make you cry
Make you break down
Shatter your illusions of love
Is it over now–do you know how
Pick up the pieces and go home.

It puts me in the mind of a girl who is like the one in the picture, with the red-blonde hair and gold dust make-up, breaking some other girl’s heart into little pieces. I feel so bad not just for the other girl, but for the Gold Dust Woman. In the song, she is a ruler–an ancient queen–and I’ve always thought that it must be so lonely to be constantly surrounded and yet still alone.

This picture just looks so cold. The atmosphere, the boy all huddled in on himself, even the sun has a cool quality to it. Pictures like this make me want to write about fall and winter in a city like Boston, where it rains all the time and I am reminded of the fact that before there was a city, the whole area was a swamp.

Which puts me in the mind of world-building, and how different cities would be shaped by what they started out as: a crossroads, a port, a factory, a mine, a vacation destination, etc. It’s one of the questions I always ask myself when I am making up cities: why is there a city here? Why did people choose to gather in this place?

This picture makes me think about fairies and children, and the ideals of innocence along with the ways that innocence can be lost. It also makes me think about children who are mature, whether because they are an immortal being trapped in the flesh of a child or because they have been through too much in their time.

It took a lot of searching on Flickr to find an image of fire that had cool tones in it as well as warm tones! I love the way this fire is purple and orange; I love fires like this. It makes me think of travelers having a warm little fire on the roadside, making into fun something that might have been a chore otherwise. Do they sing? Dance? Tell stories? Reminisce? All of the above?

And that is all for this week. :D


One thought on “Inspiration: Random

  1. I love that first photo! It’s great inspiration for a spooky story.

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