Inspiration: Quill

I gave one of my new beta-partners the option this time to choose the inspiration search keyword for this week, and she chose quill.

This picture reminds me of growing up in a rural area and having this one kid at school who had a pet coon. No, not a raccoon, a coon. He’d tell us stories about that pet coon all the time! I think I must have had either a crush on him or a crush on his coon, by how many of the stories I listened to, so it makes me want to write a story about two people falling in love over a pet coon.

I saw this photo and thought, no, surely that isn’t a dildo? in the preview. Making it big didn’t help the impression any, which is mostly why it ended up here. If people can bond over a pet coon, surely they can also bond over a pen that looks like a dildo?

I wasn’t going to include this picture at first, thanks to the Harry Potter reference, but the idea of a stick as a wand was just too interesting for me to resist. Even with the HP reference. Because… what if intent was more important in magic than form? I mean, if the form kind of fits, does it always work then? Or is it still sometimes faulty? Why does magic have to always work, when performed correctly? Wouldn’t it be more fun if magic sometimes didn’t work, in spite of your best efforts?

So, then, it would make sense to put less effort into form, if form mattered less. I wrote a story that was on these lines once, but I never finished it because I had no idea where I was going with it. I kind of want to go back to it now, though!

There are some things that you really don’t want to get used: tooth brushes, underwear. But there are other things that are more interesting when they come to you after they have been out in the world: books, people.

A travel-worn book tucked under the arm of an equally worn traveler would make an interesting story, I think.

It took me a while to figure out what the hell the title of this photo, “quill down” had to do with anything, and then I realized: this is post pillow fight. That is down on the ground, not snow. Ooooh!

I’ve not been to one of those giant pillow fights before, but I always wondered what it would be like to meet the love of my life there. I like to imagine that the one wearing a dress is a boy.

This picture was taken at Burning Man, during a dust storm! I used to wonder what it was like to live in the Dust Bowl in the 30s, with the constant dust storms, and the photo puts me back into that mental place: what would it be like to sit and get dust blown in your mouth, your eyes, your hair? How much would the bandanna help? How much would they just make it harder to breathe?

What would it be like to have sex during a dust storm?

The text for this photo… I will just wait here while you go read it, so go on. I’ll be here when you get back, I promise.

Ok, so, the text makes me think about someone who gushes about this awesome person oh my goodness, yada yada, and who cannot bring themselves to admit that they are in love with a person. I’m not saying that is what is going on here–everyone has BFFs–but that is just what it reminds me of. Someone gushing about a person they have a crush on, before they have figured out that they have a crush on this person.

Hee! Makes me giggly.

Anyway, that is the end of the pictures for this week. Next week: drums. Maybe. If I don’t get bored again.


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