Inspiration: Apple

This week’s keyword was supplied by my roommate. She also suggested orangatang and 4chan, but I kept on until I got a keyword that I knew would produce a variety of results.

The skyline of Hong Kong is probably one of my favorites, and I tend to really like skylines in general (at night, most especially) for the record. It is so bright, so vibrant with life and color, that it just makes me grin. These are things I like!

I wrote a story once called Go To China! which was about a boy who, well, was told to go to China. Hong Kong is not China, but the way it looks reminds me of cities in China, which are never shy of using neon and are so dense that it boggles the mind.

Anyway, it was a fun story to write, and actually a turning point in my writing career, because I had a beta reader tell me that she thought my stories could use a little length. So whenever I think of China, I think of that, and I think of how long my stories have gotten since she told me that! And yes, she has praised this.

I am sorry that is not a story inspiration, but it is still an inspiration to me, to keep up the good work. And should be an inspiration to you, too–listen to your beta readers and keep up the good work!

Concerts are always a fun place to meet people; it is intensely personal to be squished in with people you have never met before but at the same time not personal at all, because your focus is on the band and not the person who you are sardined next to. What would it be like for a character to meet a future lover at a concert? Would they already have that one thing in common, or was the other character dragged there by friends? Would sex still be awkward that first time, after such close physical contact?

This photo makes me think sci-fi! Apple computers being imprinted in your brain via scan, and that sort of thing. What if our brains could do that? What kind of consequences would that technology have? What sort of unorthodox uses?

Of course this one brings to mind fairy tales! Is she levitating herself? Is someone else doing it? Is this punishment? A test? For fun? So many possibilities!

This one makes me think about the idea of a sexy maid, but with a more modern and slightly rural twist to it. I rather like the end result; I wouldn’t mind her running around doing my chores! Would your character like it, too?

I love the idea of this picture: the subject is meant to be a gooddess. But the picture is very gritty, very real; even the golden apple is imperfect. I really love writing stories about imperfect characters, and subverting the idea of gods as sacred/immaculate/etc is always something that I can get behind.

The “do not come close” look on this girl’s face speaks so many volumes. Why does she want to be alone? Is she looking at everyone that way, or a certain person? What did that person do to deserve that kind of look from her?

And I think that is the end for this week! I am always amazed at the variety of pictures that simple keywords can produce.


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