Inspiration: Walnut

Today’s inspiration keyword comes from Heidi Beallau: walnut! I was worried it might not produce enough results, but I needn’t have fretted, I think; the variety was amazing.

The description says that this picture is sunrise, but with all that fog, it could be anything, really. The picture has a quiet quality to it, so it puts me in the mind of a mage trying out extensive pyrotechnics because nobody can see them thanks to the thick fog. What happens when someone stumbles on them anyway?

I think of a quest starting, when I see this picture. The little glowing one is the messenger; the old man on the stump is the one who assigns the girl and the fox the quest. What is their quest? Well, that’s the question, isn’t it?

Water is something I am enamored of in general; I thrill every time there is a water-elemental mage or anything else on those lines. But that also extends to stories set on the sea, stories set under the sea, or cities that float on water. I can just imagine getting to work every morning in your gondola! What would the underworld look like, in this type of city, where the streets are all or mostly water?

Perhaps they hang out on the solid-ground streets, and those are the most dangerous parts of town, so having a boat is a sign of wealth. So what happens when your boat gets stolen and you don’t have money for a new one?

This picture sends a little shiver through me. The institution is so very old; look at those layers and layers of peeling paint, and how there is rust on just about everything. I wonder what it looked like when it was new–was it less oppressive? More, because every other penitentiary had communal spaces where this one had the inmates split up? What would it be like to go from living in a communal space to this kind of solitary living? How long would it take to go mad–by degrees, or all at once?

This picture is just so cute; there were actually quite a lot of pictures like this that made me think of tiny, tiny people. I keep wanting to write a story about tiny people living in a big person’s world. Micro/macro is something that has always fascinated me; I have quite a few images in my porn folder of illustrations of this. I am not sure how well it would translate to fiction, but that doesn’t stop me from liking it!

I am imagining these two as trickster spirits: alluring, enticing, but with an untouchable quality because they are not of this world. One of the things I am halfway writing right now involves tricksters, so this picture just speaks to me well.

I love windmills, but they are something that is seen infrequently in fiction, even fantasy fiction where they should by all rights be all over the place. Makes me want to write a fantasy story that centers around a windmill!

And that is all for this week. Damn, it feels good to get one of these done again!


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