Busy little bee

In the past week, I have:

  • Read over fifty short stories online; I quit counting at forty-seven, because I was going through them so fast that I forgot to mark them down, but I know I read at least six or seven stories after I stopped marking my tally. I don’t even know how I managed to read so much, but it has left me somewhat burnt out by the time it gets to my nightly reading. Skipping that has started to stress me out some, so I think I’ve found my limits in terms of how many stories I can read for work before I have just read too much.
  • Emailed six authors; I received a thanks-but-no-thanks from one, and to be honest it just made my day. Usually people don’t bother writing back when they’re not interested, so I just have a giant gaping “NO REPLY” on my spreadsheet, and I wonder if they got my e-mail… but I am pretty sure they have, more often than not. Anyway, this author responded and even though it was a no, it just felt nice to be able to close that mental file. I learned that this week!
  • Written a little over 8k words; this isn’t an “OMG SO MUCH” amount for me, but considering everything else I have been doing, it does take its toll. I am at just under 55k on What You Wish For, aka Hilo-story, and I am now doubting that I will finish it in under 80k words. My 60k estimate was entirely too hopeful.
  • Stayed up past midnight nearly every night; this may not sound like a big deal for most people, but for me… my bedtime is ten pm by the latest; normally I am in bed reading already by the time 10pm rolls around. So it’s just been really tiring, staying up late every night–and I was up until two last night! Argh. I am going to bed as soon as I post this entry.
  • Attended two writing groups; I started attending these groups in November, for NaNo, but I am glad they have gone beyond that. It’s an excuse to get out of the house and it’s socialization with people who are enjoyable to be around.

Other small things I have done which are significant to me, but not significant enough for a bullet point: scheduled the giving of platelets, scheduled an appointment with my pdoc, asked for something from a friend that I was afraid of asking for… I am sure there is more stuff, but I can’t think of it at the moment.

In other news, I am officially registered for Authors After Dark in August. It will be my first writers’ convention so I am super excited, and looking forward to the road trip and rooming with the SMP crew! This will be a good thing.

Yeah, I can really tell I am lacking sleep; my mind is going off into random places. I bid you goodnight, blogland; sweet dreams.


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