Inspiration: Fairytale

This week’s inspiration draws inspiration from the one week with the bit about Sleeping Beauty: fairytale!

This picture makes me think about modern fairy tales, the kind that have nothing to do with mist and magic and everything to do with neon and technology. In today’s world it seems to me like a ride up and down and around and around on the ferris wheel might take you to another place just as thoroughly as walking into foggy woods might have two hundred years ago.

I’ve always loved horses, and this picture makes me think of a sacred horse of some kind. Horse-god? Horse-shifter-god? It also makes me think of serenity, and wonder what it would take to throw the horse-shifter-god off his or her serene mood.

The thing that gets me about this picture is the way that his head blocking the light makes the light/particles look like giant, transparent wings. Also, the way he looks so utterly normal; I quite like everyday people in my fiction so seeing one in this photo makes my day!

The colors in this photo and the way the chain-link just disappears is what made it show up on the fairytale search, I guess? It’s kind of awesome to imagine that chain-link fences might be barriers to another world. It makes me think that I should be paying a lot closer attention to the things that chain-link is fencing in!

There is also the idea here that things are not always what they seem and there is another world closely linked (ha!) to our own that is just beyond our fingertips.

This picture is just so fun and playful! Is someone messing with this boy, or is he doing it to himself? On purpose, or by accident? It makes me want to write a cute, playful story about two boys who have the power to make things float and the mischief they might get up to.

With the rest of the picture so cool and the cottage warmly colored, it makes it seem inviting. Which puts me to the mind of some kind of Hansel and Gretel type story: people drawn in by the possible hospitality of a cottage that is nothing but a trap. Makes me wonder what kind of person–monster?–made the trap to begin with, and why.

Autumn in the woods, and a bridge that leads into them. There are no signs of civilization other than the bridge, so it reminds me of fair folk of some sort making the bridge to lull humans into a false sense of security. Not the nice kind of fair folk, these.

And two bonus photos this week:

I love love love the whole idea of castles growing out of rock–I think I’ve touched on it before in a past inspiration post–and this picture makes me think about that idea all over again. I wonder about how far the castle goes down into the rock, and wonder if there might be windows somewhere in the cliff face. How odd that would be, to go into the dungeons and look out to see the world spread before you.

Or better yet, to dig oneself out of the dungeons and find a sheer drop below you.

I remember these type of things from amusement parks: stations where misty water is sprayed on you. One of my friends told me that they thought it could be a portal to another world, if you spoke the right words, and he was always trying to find the right word, so every time we went into the mist he would spout off all these random words halfway under his breath. I kind of want to write a story about what if he did find the right word.

I think from now on I am going to do inspiration posts every other week. I am getting busier IRL (this is a good thing) so I am finding that I have less time for combing through Flickr and imagining things.


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