Inspiration: Background music

I used to be pretty heavily into playing an MMORPG called Ragnarok Online. I got bored of it when my friends moved on to WoW, but one thing I didn’t get bored of was the background music. I still download new tracks whenever there are new tracks released (along with new maps, of course) and I love nearly every song I have. So I figure, why not share? Things other than pictures can inspire people!

I am going to do something a little different this week and try and connect all the pieces into one (semi-)cohesive story idea.

SoundTeMP – Abyss

This track makes me think of a gothic setting, some kind of old-school Dracula thing. A solitary vampire living alone in a manor that was once fine and has since fallen into disrepair. Waiting for something to happen and at the same time slowly starving to death. It’s a very solemn track, like you can’t see anything beyond the dismal time that is right now.

SoundTeMP – AbSolitude

Despite the track name, this one makes me think about the vampire remembering happier times. When the manor was nice and there was fresh paint and people who were alive populated it. A flashback, perhaps; why is the vampire so very alone right now?

SoundTeMP – Seven Days Seven Nights

This track is the same solitude and solemnity that populated the first song, but now there’s a bass, an undercurrent there in addition to the solitude. Through the course of the track, the solitude becomes less alone and less dismal. Still not happy and shiny, but something has happened to the vampire; someone living has come to them again. And the vampire is determined to not waste this opportunity, despite the other person’s exuberance. The end of this track is very back-and-forth, and it ends once more on a serious note.

SoundTeMP – Stained Memories

Once again we are in the past, and this new person, they have somehow made the memories less vibrant. Suddenly the vampire being alone with themselves is no longer quite so appealing. Memories are a pale shade of what life really is with another person; the past becomes the place stained with unhappiness.

SoundTeMP – New World Ode

The change is not immediate; the vampire cannot put the past behind them so easily. But the new person is there, and the vampire has ceased to choose solitude over company, and from those seeds a new thing can grow.

…Dude, that was tons of fun. I think I might try this more often.


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