Inspiration: Drums

My mom suggested “drummers”, so today’s search key is drums.

The first time I went to this type of drum circle was at the same place this photo was taken: the Land Trust in Atlanta, GA. I got taken there by a couple of my friends and they spent the whole time arguing very politely. It was kind of a surreal experience, flipping gears back and forth between this very primal sort of experience and then to a very moden type of argument–not just the way they argued, but the things they were talking about too.

At any rate, it will probably be a long, long time before I forget the experience. It was a blast, as I tend to find most primal things to be, and I want very much to go back at some point.

My favorite part was the fact that we’d gone with some other friends who’d brought drums/shakers, so I had an instrument in my hands all night long. Sometimes I followed the melody-beat, the lighter of the two parts of the music, but other times I dipped down and followed the low, thrumming baseline of the rhythm. It was so much like having sex that it left me with the question: do musicians in bands/orchestras feel the same way? That feeling like you’re part of creating something that is base but that is also beautiful… just the way sex should be.

Which is of course where the story lies.

This was actually on the very first page of the results, a something I took for a good sign :D

While, yes, this picture is pretty much Hipster Band Photo 101 (and it bears a resemblance to an early photo of one of my favorite bands, Blur) I think that their body language is pretty interesting.

Damon and Graham… I mean, the two who are looking at the camera are clearly pretty hungover and just, you know, posing. Alex–er, the one on the left, who we will call Left, is not looking at the camera, but rather than shy, he just isn’t looking at the camera. There is very little about his posture/the way he holds himself that says shy, while the guy on the right (who, yes, we are going to call Right) is actually halfway hiding behind Center and looking somewhat skittish despite the obvious hangover.

Center, meanwhile, is on this photoshoot shit, are we done yet, is it time for some hair of the dog?

I had never heard of the band before seeing the photos of them on Flickr, but I feel like I could write a fic about them using the dynamics in this photo and be about as right as I ever was writing Blur fanfic. (Yeah, you can probably guess my OT3, though I do like Dave too…)

I have a kind of fierce love for any kind of character who does not qualify as anglo/white, so of course I had to include something of that here since it came up on the image search! One of the stories I am writing, this one with Penny K. Moss, is set in a universe where the inhabitants are almost all dark-skinned, and the setting is in the jungle/rainforest. So this picture makes me think of that, of a character in that world living in the middle of nowhere in the jungle and getting picked to become a Lin. OWAIT, that’s kind of what we are writing.

Yeah, I probably need to talk with her about starting to write that again.

This photo has such a gorgeous riot of color! It makes me think of someone sailing to a deserted place and finding this waiting for them. Do they stay in this paradise? Why did they sail there in the first place? Are they going to be breaking obligations if they stay?

And better yet, who lives there already? Is the newcomer going to get along with them, or no?

One thing I really enjoy about drum circles is the constant motion. I get so much energy there that I do find myself in constant motion, even if it’s just tapping my feet or drumming. Other times it’s dancing. I think a part of the drumming circles that appeals to me is the way parts come together and become a whole–the dancing, the drumming, the people milling around, the people spinning fire or poi… it all adds to the experience.

I think this is what it would look like if a little fairy ran around drumming. :D I keep running into that fairytale theme over and over, don’t I?

The rest of this post has mostly been about drums being an inclusive experience, but in this picture the drummer looks very excluded and lonely. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Sometimes you have to go off on your own to figure out where you’re at. The idea of someone playing music to center themselves is something I have written before and a theme that I like.

Anyone have any suggestions for future posts?


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