An end to the radio silence

I have been doing a lot lately. I could blame the lack of blog posts on that, but if I’m going to be honest, I haven’t been posting blogs because I’ve been too lazy and uninspired for blog posting. But many things have been going on!

At the end of March, I found out that my mom needed to have brain surgery—on May 1st. Additionally, she wasn’t going to be having it here in Atlanta the way she did last time but instead was flying up to Pennsylvania to have the best doctor in the world for this type of surgery (called MVD, or microvascular decompression) operate on her. Lucky for her, she’s originally from Erie, PA, and has family in Pittsburgh, so she wouldn’t be reduced to staying in a hotel until she was able to fly home.

I took care of her during her recovery, and she is doing wonderfully. Her recovery was very quick, compared to last time! She’s at about 90% at this moment and last time she was at maybe 70% this many weeks out from surgery. (She also has fibromyalgia so it makes recovery take longer than it does for normal people.)

In June, I edited 235 pages of not-my-own-fiction in about 15 days. If that wasn’t enough, I stuck with my usual “write 1k words a day” and ended up writing 33k words that month. Still not quite on target for my goal for this year—I’m about 15k words short of the mark—but I’m at least staying in the ballpark this year!

Before both of these things, though, it was convention season part one.

I attended Atlanta Poly Weekend, Furry Weekend Atlanta, Frolicon, and Outlanta. Four cons in six weeks; yes, I was pretty worn out afterward and yes I had an absolutely fabulous time at every convention. I may do individual write-ups for each convention at some point, but that’ll have to wait for separate posts.

Come hell or high water (or two cons on the same weekend) I will be attending all of them again next year. I’m also attending Authors After Dark (with the SMP crew); Dragon*Con (where I volunteer); and possibly Anime Weekend Atlanta (where I will be there as a regular attendee in theory but probably not in practice because I have this weird habit of showing up at con ops and saying, “What can I do to help?”) but I’ll have to wait to be for sure on that one. These will make up the second and final part of convention season for me.

Oh, I also got to meet the owners of SMP in meatspace at Outlanta and it was a very, very fun experience… even if the three of them were bone-tired when we first met! (And I was so keyed up from first-night-at-the-con jitters.) They were fun people to be around, and I wish I lived closer to them so we could meet up offline more often. Conventions are the way to go for now, I think; I’m looking forward to Authors After Dark, where I will be rooming with them.

What about y’all: Anybody attending any of these cons? We should meet up!