Calls for submissions: Tentacles and Protect Me

The past two days have been very exciting for me! I’ve seen the advanced reader copy (ARC) for Weight of a Gun and squeed mightily over it, written 20k words, and conceived two ideas for anthologies. They’re both somewhat darker themed, but require happy endings, because I learned my lesson with Weight of a Gun. There’s a story in WoaG that doesn’t end so happily, but it’s a damn good story–it pulled me in, made me care, and broke my heart–so I really fought to include it, while taking note of the lesson I learned.

Both of the anthology titles are a “does what it says on the tin” type of thing: Tentacles and Protect Me. Both can be found at Storm Moon Press’s site, under their anthology calls, and I’m going to paste the meat of the calls here at the blog too. (But if you want to submit, the particulars are there.)

Tentacles, ’cause I l0ve tentacle fic and want to see more of it. What better way than to pay people to write it? And I have some authors lined up who say they’re going to submit, too, so this is very exciting and looking like yes, we will have enough submissions to make an actual anthology. The call goes like this:

Tentacles are a taboo subject for most, something most people look at from between their fingers as they hide. But for a growing number of people, it’s a subject that is fascinating and sexy! Tentacle erotica has been around for ages, from The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife to Demon Beast Invasion—it’s a genre that is here to stay.

We want to see romantic and/or erotic stories about tentacles of all kinds. Cephalopods, an experimental form in a lab, energy temporarily made into matter, a cursed seaman, an alien species where they occur naturally… any and all of these are okay.

Or even things we haven’t listed, if your imagination comes up with something new and different! We’re open-minded, as long as the tentacles have at least temporary physical form and are a sexual focus in at least one erotic scene. This means that without the tentacles, the sex scene would not be happening.

Due to the need to build a world where sex with tentacles happens—whether consensual or not—in a believable manner, the stories for this anthology will need to be longer than our standard anthology calls: 20,000-25,000 words.

Submission Deadline: March 25, 2012
Expected Release: July 20, 2012
Pairings: Gay
Genre: Any
HEA or HFN Ending Required? Yes

Pretty cool, right? I’m hoping to include four stories, maybe five, depending on what kind of turnout we have for submissions. If there’s not enough submissions, there’s just not enough submissions! That being said, I’d like to push the word count up over 100k if I can (easier with the longer word count!) so readers get more bang for their buck, but we’ll see how it goes.

We might have a super-secret surprise to go with this one, too, but I’m not holding my breath on this part… it’s just an extra. A mighty nice extra that I think would put a wonderful finishing touch on this anthology, but not something that’s required if negotiations don’t work out.

The other anthology is called Protect Me, and came about because I realized that I found it undeniably sexy when a protector-type figure was willing to kill to keep their loved one safe. S.L. said, we can’t sell an anthology about murder! But, no, that wasn’t what it was about, I said. So she replied: write a call and I’ll tell you whether we can sell that idea or not.

Long has there been an allure for the protector-type character in fiction. There are examples across the board, from real life to fantasy and sci-fi: A bodyguard, police or military personnel, a monarch who leads battles from the front, a ship captain, even an older brother who is always on the look out for trouble.

There’s just something undeniably sexy about a protective man. But how far will he go? He says he’ll do anything, but would he break the law? Put his life on the line?

Would he kill?

That’s the question we’re asking in Protect Me: how far will love, romanticism, or a sense of duty push the protector in order to ensure the safety of his charge? And what kind of effect does it have on both him and the one he protects when he does these things?

Please note that we are not looking for stories with gratuitous violence or snuff scenes, and we will reject any stories that contain these things. What we are looking for is a story that revolves around the protector’s relationship with his charge or charges. We want to know all about the lengths he will go to so that the one he protects is safe and, by the end of the story, some value of happy.

Submission Deadline: October 26, 2012
Expected Release: January 11, 2013
Pairings: Gay
Genres: Any
HEA or HFN Ending Required?

Murder is not required, of course! Just anything that shows the whole, above and beyond thing. Stuff that most people would balk at doing. Because sacrifice in romantic fiction is sexy, when it’s being done for the sake of someone the character loves!

I’m really excited about both of these anthologies! Oh, and there’s one more thing, while I’m talking about WoaG: there’s a sequel anthology going to be coming out. We really loved all the stories the first go-round and there was an incredible number of submissions, so we decided to do a second one. The call:

The taboo surrounding guns is unmistakable. They are dangerous, the very symbol of power and control. Their very presence can threaten, coerce, inspire fear, and spark controversy. Mix guns with sex, and you have a rather explosive combination. As an extension to our first gun-focused anthology, Weight of a Gun II is another opportunity to relate everything about guns that makes them sexy.

We are looking for M/M short stories revolving around sexual play with guns. As long as the gun remains the erotic focus of the story, we’re open to it being used in any way from frottage to insertion to simple intimidation. Feel free to play around with what qualifies as a gun as well. Since we’re happy to cover all different genres, you can use laser, magic, paintball, steampunk, or even toy guns. So long as one partner gets a thrill from the danger associated with the gun, you’re good to go!

As in the first Weight of a Gun anthology, the definition of gun-play is up to interpretation, but the gun itself may not go off during the sexual interaction. This isn’t to say that there can’t be situations that involve dubious consent, but we would prefer not to have accidental discharges. Dark endings are all right, but keep in mind that readers will want a satisfying ending, even if that doesn’t mean HEA or HFN, so no main character deaths, please.

Submission Deadline: August 31, 2012
Expected Release: December 14, 2012
Pairings: Gay
Genres: Any
HEA or HFN Ending Required? No

Editing all these means my calendar for next year is going to be pretty full with stuff I HAVE to do, but I’m determined to relish and weather the challenge. If I can write 150k words in a month, I can edit three anthologies in nine months! It doesn’t even sound like that much when I put it that way, either. This is a very reasonable and sane objective; I can do it! /full of vim. :D