Call for Submissions: Sacrificed

My inspiration posts have been absent the last couple weeks because I have been at my parents’ house and their computer is… well, let’s just say that it doesn’t really have the processing power to handle the upload function in WordPress, or actually even the post thingy itself–it lags horribly and I can’t get anything done.

I know, I should get these things done ahead of time! I guess old habits just die hard.

Anyway, I am exciiiiited because I am editing a f/f anthology! This one is sort of a companion to Protect Me, though it is its own anthology as well. Here’s the call:

The allure of the beautiful young woman as a sacrifice is one that has long been a part of storytelling. From the virgin sacrifice given to calm the monsters/gods to the child who is tithe in fairy stories to a member of their party sacrificing themselves so that everyone else can continue their quest, there are all kinds of examples of women as sacrifices in fantasy fiction.

You can write any type of fantasy: high or low, mythic or fairy tale, urban, historical, or even a universe that combines fantasy and sci-fi elements–as long as the fantasy element is stronger than the sci-fi element, the story is fine. We want very much to see fantasy worlds that are lush and real, but make sure you never lose focus on your characters!

And make sure that your characters get a happily ever after; while we are interested in seeing the women in your story face death, we do not want to see any of them die. We are interested in what these women can do in spite of being the sacrificial lamb.

Submission deadline: October 26th, 2012
HEA or HFN Ending Required? Yes

And it is going to come out three days after my birthday next year! This is very exciting; it will be like a birthday present for me.

I have been wanting and meaning to edit a f/f anthology for some time now, but I had yet to hit on a topic that I liked well enough in the context of f/f. Tentacles are more a m/f thing–it’s pretty hard to write f/f tentacle sex, in my mind, and much easier to put that into the m/m box. Protect me… that could have translated well to f/f, maybe, but I think it’s more of an m/m trope.

But the sacrifice–that’s a very female thing, in fantasy and history and all. I debated for a little while–f/f is hard for me to write, and sometimes hard for me to read, because it’s very personal for me–and ended up deciding that yeah, I would do it. And here it is :3

I am so excited about this! Means I get to go drum up writers for submissions, which is going to be tons of fun. No, really, tons of fun; who else can say that their job is to read tons of porn on the internet?